Town Secretary

The Town Secretary is appointed by the Town Council. The Town Secretary's Office provides administrative support to the mayor and councilmembers. In addition, the office communicates openly and with efficiency to residents and citizens to enhance public participation by providing transparency in municipal government.

General responsibilities of the Town Secretary's Office include:

  • Accepting and processing requests for public information and ensuring all requests are processed in a timely manner in accordance with state laws
  • Coordinating the annual board and commission appointment process
  • Ensuring publication and codification of town ordinances
  • Issuing local alcoholic beverage licenses
  • Overseeing joint elections with Tarrant and Denton county election administrators in accordance with state election regulations
  • Preparing and distributing agenda packet materials, public postings, and official meeting minutes for both the Town Council, Westlake Academy Board of Trustee and Planning & Zoning Commission agendas in accordance with state regulations
  • Posting agendas for affiliate boards
  • Serving as the custodian of the town corporate seal and attesting to the mayor's signature on official documents
  • Serving as the records management officer and managing, improving efficiency, and adequately protecting and preserving essential town records