Omnibase / Failure to Appear

The Westlake Municipal Court and the Westlake Marshals Office are participants in the Texas FTA Program and have contracted with Omnibase to assist us in the collection of overdue/delinquent fines and fees. As a result, the Court and the Marshals Office regularly enter all warrant and delinquent fine information into that database. Once information has been entered into the Omnibase system the defendant will not be able to renew their Drivers License until all fines and fees have been Paid in Full.

Be aware that a single defendant can be listed in the Onmibase system by more than one participating agency (court office). If this occurs, the defendant will not be able to renew their license until all listing agencies have been satisfied. Also, understand that Omnibase and the Texas DPS reports “Omni Holds” to other States that are members of the Interstate Violators Compact. This means that a person with “Omni Holds” will also be unable to obtain a Drivers License in another State.

The Failure to Appear Program was authorized by the Texas Legislature in 1995 and the Texas Department of Public Safety was assigned responsibility for the administration of the program. OmniBase responded to the Request for Proposal and was selected by TDPS as the initial vendor for the program in 1996. Accordingly, OmniBase is the only company to administer the FTA program and has been included in each of the enhancements to the program since it was first authorized.

OmniBase Services of Texas maintains and administers the central database for the cities and counties contracted to use the Department of Public Safety's Failure to Appear Program. The FTA program as authorized by Chapter 706 of the Texas Transportation Code, provides an effective collection and enforcement tool by restricting the violator's ability to renew their drivers license for outstanding violations. (

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