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Platting Procedures

Documents for Platting

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    Plat Application

  • Every request for a subdivision plat review must be submitted via the Plat Application and must have original signatures.
  • Coordination with Zoning

  • When the zoning classification is not consistent with the proposed development a Zoning Change Application must be submitted.
  • Plat Review Checklist

  • A Plat Review Checklist assists in preparation of all plats. The checklist must be completed and included in the plat submittal package.
  • Plat Fees

  • Plat Fees will be determined upon the Fees and Use Schedule.
  • Certificates Required on Plats

  • Certificates required on plats are described in the Plat Certificates document.
  • Surveyor Information

  • All surveys and utility construction projects must use the Town of Westlake GIS Controls/Survey Benchmarks.

Plat Classification in General

Applicants should check with the Town Engineer at (817) 640-8535 to determine if a proposed subdivision plat will be reviewed as a preliminary plat, final plat, minor plat, development plat, conveyance plat, a replat, amended plat, or a plat vacation. The type of plat may also be determined at the pre-platting conference.

Preliminary Site Evaluation

  • Allows evaluation of the proposed development
  • Require for all major subdivisions prior to the construction of improvements
  • Is NOT a preliminary or final plat
  • Time limits applicable to plats do not apply to a preliminary site evaluation
  • Requires Planning and Zoning Commission and Town Council Approval

Final Plat

  • Required for all subdivisions of property
  • Prepared in accordance with approved preliminary site evaluation
  • Requires Planning and Zoning Commission and Town Council approval

Minor Plat

  • Preliminary site evaluation not required
  • Subdivision does not encompass more than four tracts or lots, which do not require extension of municipal utilities
  • Subdivided land does not alter utility installations, drainage, streets, or building setbacks
  • All lots front an existing street
  • Lots conform to other lots and maintain the same zoning
  • Requires approval of Town Staff

Processing of Plat Application

The Town Engineer will coordinate the review of subdivision plats with other Town Departments. No subdivision plat will be considered until the subdivision plat application, all required documents, and all plat fees have been received. The Town Engineer is authorized three weeks to complete review of all construction plans.

When the staff review is complete, written comments will be provided to the applicant identifying items requiring response. Written responses to each comment must be received from the applicant before the plat is scheduled for review by the Planning and Zoning Commission and Town Council.

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For More Info

Refer to our codes & ordinances for more information regarding platting procedures.

Recorded Plats

You may find records of plats online through Tarrant County.