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Oil & Gas Drilling Regulations
Culminating over a year of intense research, discussion, public input, and debate, on April 27, 2009 the Town Council adopted a technical standard ordinance and zoning ordinance amendments related to oil and gas drilling and production in Westlake.

Drilling Regulations
The highlights of this council action are:
  • Two-pronged permitting
    • Well sites are allowed in all zoning districts, but first must receive an approved Specific Use Permit (SUP) which requires a hearing before the Planning and Zoning Commission and Town Council.
    • Drilling permits can only be issued for well sites that have an approved SUP and are subject to stringent aesthetic and safety standards.
  • Well Setbacks
    • 1000 feet from protected uses. Residents, schools, commercial buildings, and health care facilities.
    • 600 feet from protected uses with setback reduction approval by Town Council. The operator must show that a reduction is necessary to gain access to minerals leased or owned by the operator.
    • 300 feet from protected uses with setback reduction approval by Town Council and written consent from all property owners with protected uses less than 600’ from the proposed drill zone.

Additional Drilling Regulations
These regulations also establish requirements for roadway maintenance agreements for repair or replacement costs of roadways used by well service trucks accessing permitted well sites. Truck routes to serve a well site must be established and approved by the town during the well permitting process. The ordinance adopted by the Town Council also establishes noise, lighting, as well as stringent screening, landscaping, and aesthetic standards for well sites that are permitted by the town.

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