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Purpose of Zoning

The Town of Westlake is a master-planned community. All development in the town must adhere to a set of stringent requirements document in the Westlake Code of ordinances and, in certain instances, in planned development documents.

Zoning promotes consistency across lands and protects existing property value and quality across communities. Furthermore, zoning allows the Town of Westlake to control density and intensity of land use as well as permitted uses and development standards for districts.

The Town of Westlake's Comprehensive Plan serves as the basis for all zoning.

Zoning Ordinances

The Zoning Ordinances for the Town of Westlake are part of the Westlake Municipal Code document maintained by Municipal Code Corporation.

The Unified Development Code is contained in Chapter 26 of The Town of Westlake Municipal Code.

Zoning Districts

The Town of Westlake is divided into zones, or districts as shown on the Zoning Map. Zoning districts established according to Chapter 102 of the Codes and Ordinances are as follows:

Abbreviated Designation Zoning Minimum Lot Size
R-5 Country Residential 5 acres
R-2 Rural Residential 2 acres
R-1 Estate Residential 1 acre
RA Residential Airport 1 acre
MF Multifamily Residential 200,000 s.f.
LR Local Retail 40,000 s.f.
O Office Park 200,000 s.f.
O-C Office Campus 200,000 s.f.
O-H Office Park - Hotel 200,000 s.f.
O-I Office - Industrial Park 200,000 s.f.
PD Planned Development Depends on PD
GU Government Use no min.

Planning and Zoning Meeting 

For official Agendas and Minutes, click here.