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Building Permits - Residential

Building Permit Applicants Seeking Admissions into Westlake Academy - IMPORTANT NOTICE!

On June 1, 2015, the Board of Trustees updated our residency policy (1.01) for those seeking admissions into Westlake Academy. After December 31, 2015, any family who applies for admission to the school must reside within the town boundaries in order to apply for admission as a primary boundary resident. A building permit will no longer qualify as a conditional residency category for admissions to the school while constructing a home in Westlake. Please click here for more details, effective dates, and contact information should you need further assistance.

Work Requiring a Permit

  • Backflow
  • Pools/Spas
  • Electrical
  • Irrigation
  • Mechanical
  • Plumbing
  • Grading
  • Accessory Buildings
  • Remodels/Additions to Building

Plans Needed Upon Submittal

  • Site Plan
  • Building Plan Set
  • Drainage/Grading Plans
  • Wall Bracing Plans
  • Engineered Foundation Plans
  • Tree Conservation/Mitigation Plans
  • Energy Compliance Report
  • Landscape Plans

Residential Permit Process

1. Applicant Submittal

  • All submittals require a completed permit application that lists:
    • Address, Legal Description, Owner, Contractor, Subcontractors, Valuation of the Project, Square Footage
    • All contractors and subcontractors must be registered with the Town of Westlake
    • Plans must be submitted in person with a complete application.
    • Plans submitted by courier will not be accepted.
  • All submittals shall be accompanied with the number of copies in this table
  • All submittals must have a digital set accompanied with the hard copies of the plans
  • A plan review fee is required at the time of submittal
  • Plans will be reviewed within 10-15 days at the time of submittal
  • Refer to our Residential Project Guidelines for more criteria of submittals

2. Staff Review and Comments

  • Staff may find inaccuracies, errors, omissions, or other issues with the submitted plans
  • Staff will reach out to the applicant to fix any underlying problems with the original submittal 

3. Applicant Resubmittal

  • If revisions are necessary, the applicant must resubmit their plans addressing the comments
  • Resubmittal of plans should follow the same number of copies in the table above, unless addressed other in the staff comments
  • The applicant should only resubmit once ALL comments have been satisfied

4. Subsequent Reviews

  • Staff will review the resubmittal to ensure that all comments have been satisfied
  • If all comments have NOT been addressed, the plans will not be approved and the applicant must resubmit again
  • If all comments HAVE been addressed the plans will be stamped and signed by the Chief Building Official

5. Issue of Permit

  • Applicant will be notified of the remaining permit fees and that permits are ready to be picked up at the Town Hall by the Permit Technician.
  • Once all fees are paid, the permit will be issued to the applicant
  • Permits are valid for a period of 180 days at the time of issuance and will terminate if construction progress has not occurred within the 180 days

6. Inspections

7. Building Final 

  • At the end of a project the Chief Building Official will do a Building Final Inspection of the project
  • At the Building Final, the Building Official will determine if the residence may be occupied
  • No Temporary Occupancies will be issued for residential projects

Important Documents