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Pointers from Parks & Rec

Monthly Pointers from Facilities, Parks and Recreation

Parks, Recreation, and Facilities is starting a monthly series of articles with great topics that range from information about events and happenings in and around Westlake, to tips on how to deal with your personal oasis in your yard, to the great things we're doing as a department for Westlake!

A main, ongoing theme in the month of April is the focus on our environment and how we, as a community, can contribute to the health and cleanliness of the Town of Westlake and surrounding areas. Check our April 2017 article for five ways that you can help contribute, see your official invitation to Westlake's Arbor Day Celebration, and more!


Spring is in the air, and Westlake is starting to come alive! The Town has not one, but TWO butterfly gardens certified by the National Wildlife Federation via the Mayor's Monarch Pledge. Our March 2017 article covers how to create your own butterfly garden in 5 steps, and contains information on what butterfly species to watch for, flowers to plant, and more!


February is here, and the weather can be a bit bleak and winter is starting to get boring. So why not liven things up indoors with a few plants or herbs to spice things up? Check out the article for more on what plants you can place inside your home, fresh herbs to spice things up in your kitchen, and more!


Everybody likes to save money and help the environment at the same time, right? We've written a piece on Water Conservation in January 2017 to help you do just that! For information on three types of grass you can plant in your yard, how often you should water, and tips from our very own Director of Public Works, check out the full article here or with tab at left!


It's winter, and a great time to think about and start planning how to prune plants and trees in your yard. Our latest entry in December 2016 covers this, three different blade types you can use, and five other useful tips on what to think about when pruning. Check out the full article here or with tab at left!


Our first entry in November 2016 covers the topic of how to prepare your garden for the upcoming winter. Winters in North Texas can be quite mild, but in order to ensure that your personal nursery is kept in good condition through the winter, we've put together a list of five things you can do this weekend. Check out the full article here or with tab at left.