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Westlake Publicatons
Westlake Wire
The Westlake Wire is a newsletter that began in August 2008 to give Westlake residents transparent and comprehensive information regarding the various facets of their town government and the services it provides. The quarterly newsletter was previously mailed to all town residents. In January 2012, the publication became an electronic-only format and residents then began receiving it via email. 

In keeping with Westlake residents' busy lifestyles and current communication needs, Westlake staff members began merging (in early 2012) the newsletter's quarterly content into shorter, more frequent emails from Westlake Wire News- also referred to as eBlasts, direct emails via Constant Contact.  Westlake residents have shared their comments regarding the eBlasts with various Town council members and staff, expressing appreciation for the more timely and relevant information, allowing them to remain current and well informed of community news.

To read the most recent Westlake Wire editions, click here. To read the 2010-2011 printed editions, click here

Simply Westlake
With its first issue released in May 2013, a new publication began, exclusively for Westlake residents entitled Simply Westlake!
 If you are interested in serving on the Simply Westlake magazine committee, please give Ginger a call or email.  As we enter into 2014, we are in need of additional resident contributors who are willing to help out with coordination, a little or a lot, of our monthly stories. This is a great way to meet fellow residents and neighbors!

And thank you to our publishing partner Connie Chase with N2Publishing for making this unique newsletter possible!  We appreciate the many residents that have helped launch Simply Westlake and have shared their stories and family with our community. Keep those comments coming - thank you for the terrific support and compliments received regarding Simply Westlake and bringing a publication like this to our town!

For More Information
Should you have any questions, compliments, or concerns regarding any of our Westlake communications, please contact Ginger Awtry at (817) 490-5719.