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Building Permits - Residential

Building Permit Applicants Seeking Admissions into Westlake Academy - Important Notice
On June 1, 2015, the Board of Trustees updated our residency policy (1.01) for those seeking admissions into Westlake Academy. After December 31, 2015, any family who applies for admission to the school must reside within the town boundaries in order to apply for admission as a primary boundary resident. A building permit will no longer qualify as a conditional residency category for admissions to the school while constructing a home in Westlake.  Please click here for more details, effective dates, and contact information should you need further assistance. 

Work requiring a permit:
  • Backflow
  • Pools/Spas
  • Electrical
  • Irrigation
  • Mechanical
  • Plumbing
  • Grading
  • Accessory Buildings
  • Remodels/Additions to Building

1. Pre-Application Conference

The pre-application conference may be required prior to the permit submittal, as determined by Town staff.  This is an opportunity for a potential residential applicant to receive a verbal interpretation of ordinances and processes and to respond to any questions from Town staff.  Applicants will also be given information regarding the Town's permit process.  This also provides an opportunity for the potential applicant to become familiar with the Town's process prior to significant engineering or architectural design work being performed. Pre-Application conferences will be scheduled three (3) working days in advance by the Director of Planning & Development at the request of the applicant or by Town staff if determined necessary.   

2. Departmental review

Town staff will begin a departmental review of the complete submittal packets.  All submittal packets should consist of two (2) complete sets of plans in addition to one (1) electronic copy prepared in accordance with the Town's Residential Project Guidelines.  Every effort will be made to review plans within ten (10) business days from the stamped submittal date.  The Town's current ordinances can be obtained online at  Westlake Engineering standards and details may be reviewed here. The Town of Westlake has adopted the 2012 Edition of the International Construction Codes and the 2011 Edition of the National Electrical Code.  A copy of the latest adopted versions and amendments may be available for review upon request from the Director of Planning & Development or you may purchase from the International Code Council's (ICC) website.

3. Comments returned to point department

During the review process, each department may discover inaccuracies, errors, omissions, or other problems with the submitted plans.  Each department will submit comments to the point department.  Comments will include the item(s) that need to be addressed as well as the applicable ordinance or regulation.  This process is included in the ten (10) day turn around time.

4. Comments accumulated and returned to applicant

Once the point department has received and compiled all comments for the submitted plans, the comments will be given to the applicant.  Permits may be issued for construction of the project if there are not any significant revisions needed.  When revisions are necessary, the applicant must complete a re-submittal process as outlined below in steps 5 through 7.

5. Applicant resubmits revised plans addressing comments

The applicant shall then proceed to remedy all comments.  If an applicant questions a particular statement, the applicant may contact the individual department responsible for the comment to obtain further assistance.  The applicant may re-submit REVISED plans after all comments have been satisfied.  

6. Point department notifies all departments by e-mail that revised plans have been returned for second review

The second review is intended to verify that comments have been addressed.  Each department will be given the opportunity to review the plans for revisions.  In the event that comments have not been addressed, the plans will not be approved.

7. Returned to applicant for further corrections, if necessary.

8. File copy distributed to departments.

When the applicant has submitted revised plans addressing all comments, the Town will distribute copies to various departments for their files.

9. Verify payment of fees

After all comments have been addressed to the satisfaction of each department's representative, the Director of Planning & Development will calculate the permit and plan review fees using the adopted Residential Building Permit Fee formulas.

10. Permit issued

Applicants will be advised of the plan review and permit fees when notified (via fax, e-mail, or telephone) that plans and permits are ready to be picked up. Once all fees have been paid to the Town, a permit will be issued to the applicant.  All permits are valid for a period of 180 calendars and may be extended at the discretion of the Director of Planning & Development.  Permits are subject to termination when construction progress has not occurred for 180 calendar days or more. 

You may download the current Residential Permit Guide in a PDF format here.