Emergency Management

The Town of Westlake is vulnerable to a number of hazards, both natural and technological, due to its proximity to major highways and location in the metropolitan region. Emergency management focuses on preparedness, mitigation, response and recovery from incidents that may occur in our town. An objective of the Westlake Fire-EMS Department is to reduce or eliminate the city's vulnerability to disasters by actively engaging in hazard mitigation and disaster preparedness activities.

Preparedness is critical in protecting you and your family during a tornado, fire or other emergency. We encourage our citizens to:

  • Hold family meetings and create an action plan of what to do in the event of an emergency.
  • Be current on weather alerts and the surroundings.
  • Learn to recognize and avoid dangerous situations.
  • Establish a safe spot in your home.
  • Have a plan in the event of an emergency.
  • Plan your exits and practice the route with your family members.

Tarrant County Hazard Mitigation Action Plan

Westlake has joined numerous cities in Tarrant County for the preparation of these events, which has culminated into the Tarrant County Hazard Mitigation Action Plan. Specific hazards and risks in each jurisdiction throughout Tarrant County have been identified and are addressed in each jurisdiction’s section of this plan. The Tarrant County Hazard Mitigation Action Plan identifies natural hazards that pose a risk to our area. Vulnerabilities to those risks are identified and quantified as appropriate. goals, strategies and projects to mitigate those risks are identified and analyzed as part of the Plan.

Learn more about the Tarrant County Hazard Mitigation Action Plan and how it affects the Town of Westlake.


CodeRED is an emergency notification system for the Town to utilize during emergencies such as severe weather warnings for tornadoes and severe hail storms. The Emergency Notification System is generally used in conjunction with outdoor warning sirens. It may further be used for missing children or elderly. In addition, a resident has the option of receiving the CodeRED Weather Warnings direct from the National Weather Service. This is not to be confused with the CodeRED Emergency Notification System which is not an optional selection with the subscription. There is no fee for this service and multiple numbers, addresses, and a text message option can be entered.

If you have not been receiving notifications and want to sign up, click on the CodeRED link here or on the left hand side bar. Those citizens without internet access may call (817) 490-5780, Monday-Friday, from 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. and relay their information over the telephone. Check with your neighbors to help spread the word, especially if you know they do not utilize the internet, emails, and/or computers frequently.

Westlake installed new warning sirens in 2015 at Davis Blvd./Dove Road, Ottinger Road at Westlake Academy, and Roanoke Road near TD Auto Finance. It's important to note the primary purpose of these sirens is to warn our citizens when outdoors of impending severe weather.

While many may not be able to hear the sirens inside their homes, our CodeRed notification system serves as an effective notice while indoors. Regular monthly testing of the warning sirens is conducted the first Wednesday of each month at 1 p.m., except during periods of severe weather threats.

Should you need further assistance regarding CodeRED, please call our Westlake Emergency Management Office/Fire Station at (817) 490-5780.