Building Codes

The Town of Westlake has adopted the following codes with NCTCOG recommended amendments:

Year Building Code
2018 IBC
International Building Code
2018 IRC
International Residential Code
2018 IECC
International Energy Conservation Code
2018 IMC
International Mechanical Code
2018 IPC
International Plumbing Code
2018 IFGC
International Fuel Gas Code
2018 IFC
International Fire Code
2018 ISPPC International Swimming Pool and Spa Code
2018 IEBC International Existing Building Code
2018 IPMC International Property Maintenance Code
2017 NEC
National Electrical Code

Fire Sprinklers

Per Town ordinance, all buildings must be equipped with an automatic fire sprinkler system. Fire sprinkler plans must be submitted by the project’s licensed Fire Protection Contractor to:

Reed Fire Protection

Amberton Tower
4144 N. Central Expressway, Suite 510
Dallas, TX 75204
(214) 638-7599

The project applicant is responsible for review fees charged by the third party review service. Approved plans are forwarded to the Fire Marshal’s office.

View additional construction-related regulations as listed in the Westlake Municipal Code