Public Works Forms, Documents, & Rates


Utility Set-up Application: For anyone moving to (or within) Westlake. This sets up your water, sewer, and trash services account.

Utility Termination Form: For anyone moving out of Westlake. A simple form that ensures you are not charged for utilities after you've moved out.

ROW Permit Application

ROW Annual Registration Form

Duct Bank Access Form: For anyone accessing the duct bank manholes. Does not include the small hand holes at the property line.


Online Utilities Setup Guide (comprehensive): 22 page document with detailed instructions & help topics

Online Utilities Setup Guide (abbreviated): One-page document with a simple step-by-step approach to get you started

Trash & Recycling Guide: Flyer outlining Republic's guidelines for trash & recycling removal

Eye on Water Setup Guide: Eye On Water allows you to monitor your water usage in real time. Visit our Eye on Water page for more information.

Engineering Standards 2005

Rate Schedules

Water & Sewer Rates: Explains how your water & sewer charges are calculated

Water & Sewer Setup Fees: Shows setup fees for anyone requesting new meters (FH included)


Water Quality Report 2017