Special Operations

Special operations include Technical Rescue, Hazardous Material Response, Explosive Emergencies, Mass Casualty Incidents and Swift Water Rescue. While fire departments do not frequently use these special operations, they must still be prepared to handle them. To address these issues, fourteen local cities came together to form a group called Northeast Fire Department Association (NEFDA). Each city has a responsibility within the organization to assist the group in handling these special types of emergencies. Whether it is equipment or personnel, each city is a key element of the organization. Within the NEFDA group, each team is comprised of firefighters from different departments.

Westlake Fire-EMS Department is responsible for providing Hazardous Materials Technicians to the NEFDA Hazardous Materials Response Team. In the event of a hazardous materials response request from an agency within the NEFDA group, the Westlake Fire-EMS Department will immediately send two on-duty technicians to the incident.