Essential Service Delivery



Essential Service Delivery

The location and accessibility of the temporary station can affect the manner in which essential fire and emergency medical services are delivered to all citizens - whether residents, corporate campus and business employees, or commuters passing through Westlake.

Did you know...

  • Over 100,000 vehicles pass through Westlake each day?
  • Over 14,000 people are employed in Westlake during the day and night?
  • Over 1,200 residents now call Westlake home?
  • Over the past 10 years, our emergency call volume has increased by 35%?
  • Over 70% of emergency calls originate from the eastern half of Westlake?

If you have ever experienced a medical or fire emergency and received the necessary help to sustain your life, health, safety and/or property, you know firsthand the importance of the location of the facility. It is critical that fire EMS personnel reach you or your home as quickly as possible and be well prepared, trained, and equipped to handle your emergency with apparatus and gear that is in top condition. In the field of emergency services, seconds count and can make the difference between life and death.

A strategically placed, sustainable emergency services station is critical for any community. Westlake town leaders have been made aware of a single optimal site for a station on two occasions. Both the Comprehensive Planning process as well as the independent site study pointed to the northwest corner of Dove Road and Davis Boulevard (FM 1938) as the ideal location. We are pleased to report that at our August Council meeting, Town officials approved an offer to accept a private land donation of 5 acres at this very site, saving close to $2 million toward the total cost of a new station!

In closing, here are a few more facts to consider regarding the station's location:

  • New site is centrally located to more than 75 percent of Westlake residents & businesses
  • New site increases accessibility & can improve response time by an estimated 20 percent
  • Better response time not only saves more lives but can also reduce property loss & potentially reduce insurance premiums

Responding Today - Preparing for Tomorrow

We will be holding a second Fire-EMS Town Forum once design renderings are available; estimated 2017 - Q1. Stay tuned for updates!

 The Next Article will cover...Temporary vs. Permanent Station