Inadequate Facility with Life Safety Issues



Inadequate Facility with Life Safety Issues

The small temporary metal building that serves as our current fire station has become inadequate as our investments in both personnel and equipment has increased. During the comprehensive plan's public workshops and approval process, many citizens also recognized that our current facility would not be sustainable due to the growth trends of not only Westlake's residential and corporate citizenry, but also the greater SH114-I35W/Northeast Tarrant region.

What does this mean? Simply stated, Westlake's current temporary fire and emergency medical services (EMS) station is insufficient and cannot be enlarged. The current temporary facility, housing our fire and EMS personnel, apparatus, and equipment has no sustainable capacity and currently provides:

  • Poor ventilation from hazardous chemicals like arsenic, benzene, formaldehyde, and nickel
  • No exhaust removal system to prevent employees exposure to diesel exhaust
  • No ability to separate personal protection equipment from apparatus room
  • No space for hose rack/tower to properly wash and dry hoses according to industry standards
  • No place to house a decontamination room as recommended by industry standards
  • No Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) fill station room
  • Inadequate laundry facilities with separate bunker gear cleaning space
  • No storage and/or workshop space
  • No back-up generator to provide essential services (does not meet industry standards)
  • No medical treatment room

Our residential surveys show that our community values and expects our fire and emergency medical services department to respond quickly and to be prepared for an emergency event. The Town of Westlake has a dedicated and highly trained team of paramedics who have made a vital difference and provided exceptional service to many of our residents and corporate community members. The current population and future growth of Westlake make this the ideal time to invest in a permanent station for our fire and emergency services.

Responding Today - Preparing for Tomorrow

The next article will look at...Essential Service Delivery!

We will be holding a second Fire-EMS Town Forum once design renderings are available; estimated 2017 - Q1. Stay tuned for updates!