Development Activity

 The Town of Westlake has created a Development Activities Map that shows where new construction is located.

Development Activities Map January 2017

Commercial Development


  • Sales Office under construction and nearing completion
  • Retail Corner buildings under construction
  • Restaurant A building under construction
  • Pedestrian Bridge under construction

Project Blizzard

  • Planned mixed-use development on the 144/170 merge and next to Lake Turner
  • The southern portion of the project will be used as Charles Schwab's Corporate Campus

Charles Schwab Corporate Campus

  • The Charles Schwab project is to be complete in two phases and will coincide with the Project Blizzard development
  • The first phase of the office campus consists of 2 office buildings, 1 amenities building, and for a total of 555,000 s.f. of office space and 1 parking garage consisting of 2,600 parking spots
  • Construction of Schwab underway
  • Estimated completion: Fall 2019

Residential Development


  • 322 residential units
  • 30 units approved for construction


  • An 84 lot single family residential development
  • Located off of Solana Boulevard
  • 48 lots currently developed or under construction

Quail Hollow

  • Newest Residential Development in Westlake
  • 188 acres with 96 estate homes and a minimum of 1 acre lots
  • 1 lot currently under construction

Terra Bella

  • A 28 lot, 54.7-acre single family development
  • 23 lots currently developed or under construction

Carlyle Court

  • An 8 lot residential development located off of Dove Rd
  • 5 lots currently developed or under construction

Roadway Projects

Highway 170 Expansion

  • - Highway 170 is being expanded from Roanoke Rd to Highway 114

Capital Projects

New Fire/EMS Station

  • A new permanent fire station will be coming to Westlake in early 2019
  • Site plan approved by Town Council on 09-25-2017
  • Construction is underway
  • More information can be found here