What is a Charter School?

Charter schools were created by the Texas legislature in 1995 to serve as an alternative educational option to traditional independent school districts (ISD) for students and families. Charter schools offer enrollment to students from approved geographic boundaries and are subject to many of the same financial and academic accountability standards as traditional ISDs. 

There are four types of charters in Texas.  

  1. Home-rule School District Charters   
  2. Campus or Campus Program Charters – ISD Charter Schools  
  3. Open-enrollment Charters - Most charter schools fall in this category  
  4. University or Junior College Operated 

Westlake Academy is an open-enrollment charter school and we are unique in that we are the only charter that is managed by a municipality – the Town of Westlake. 

Charter Schools are subject to fewer state laws than traditional ISD public schools, which encourages flexibility and innovation while also requiring accountability in fiscal and academic areas. 

History of Charter Schools 

Charter School Facts