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We want to let our residents know about an upcoming rate increase from Republic Services regarding trash and recycling services. While Republic has not raised our service rates since 2016, a representative was present at the June 18 Town Council workshop to explain the recent changes in the recycling commodities market and the need for the rate increase. For more detail, here is a link to Republic's presentation at the meeting.

Town Council approved the $1.25 combined monthly increase ($0.25 for trash and $1.00 for recycling) at their June Council meeting but you will not see the effect until your August billing for July services.

Over the coming months, please look for more information regarding our trash and recycling services through inserts in your utility bill, on our social media accounts, and in our Simply Westlake magazine. Additionally, please be sure to check your mailbox next week for an informational letter from Republic Services which can also be viewed here.

Additionally, we have recently partnered with Republic Services to conduct an audit of all residential trash & recycling carts being serviced in the Town. You may see a difference in your utility bill if we did not previously show the correct number of carts for your household. As a reminder, every home is granted one trash cart & one recycling cart included in the standard rate of $12.54 per month effective July 1, 2018.

Republic Services has also sent out letters regarding the new charge for additional recycling carts. If you have a discrepancy in the number of carts noted in their letter, please contact Dianna Orender via email or at 817-490-5732 for assistance.  

Every additional trash cart is $4.33 per month (decrease effective July 1) and each additional recycling cart will be $1.89 per month beginning Sept 1.

As always, please feel free to contact any of the following with any questions or concerns regarding our Westlake trash and recycling services. 

Jarrod Greenwood, public works director, at 817-490-5717

Dianna Orender, public works assistant, at 817-490-5732

Jeri Harwell, Republic Services municipal manager, at 817-953-7224

Services Provided by Public Works:

Water & Sewer

Trash & Recycling

Street & Sign Maintenance 

Conservation & Backflow Prevention

Every March, the Town of Westlake calculates each resident’s sewer volume utilizing the Winter Quarter Average rate method. This is determined by averaging the usage of water in December, January, and February of each calendar year - typically the lowest 3 months of usage in the year. This average then sets the billing volume of sewer usage for the following 12 months.

By practicing water conservation techniques, residents can reduce their wastewater bill by monitoring water usage during the winter months and repairing any leaks in their system.

You can take a hands-on approach by monitoring your water usage closely by using the EyeOnWater program app. This can help you analyze your peak usage times, quantities, and quickly identify a leak.

Want to learn more about your water rates?
Town staff wants residents to be aware of how they are being charged for sewer and water services and how they can be proactive to conserve this precious resource.To learn more, click here to review a previously published Q&A with links to additional resources.

We have provided the PowerPoint presentation shown to Council at their Jan. 23, 2017 meeting regarding the 2017 completed study. These adopted rates went into effect February 1, 2017. More information was emailed to residents & stakeholders regarding Westlake's water rates.

Should you have further questions, please do not hesitate to email Public Works Director Jarrod Greenwood or contact him by phone at 817-490-5717 (Office) or 817-680-1422 (mobile).