Communications & Community Affairs


The Department of Communications and Community Affairs is responsible for leadership and representation on matters related to communications, promotion, and citizen/parent engagement for both the Town of Westlake and Westlake Academy.

The department also leads and assists in facilitating: neighborhood town meetings, publication of our community news via personal emails from the Westlake Wire and also the monthly publication of Stroll Westlake, advertising and press coverage, website development, video presentations, economic development, and various community events and gatherings.

Additional Duties

Other responsibilities of the department include:

  • Academic administration
  • Academic governance
  • Citizen engagement and communication
  • Comprehensive planning and economic development
  • Financial management
  • Municipal administration
  • Municipal governance

Outreach Efforts

In an effort to bring local government closer to the citizens of Westlake, town leaders recently implemented this multi-faceted program, utilizing innovative efforts to better engage the community including:

  • Creation, implementation, & management of updated town website
  • Frequent community contact via broadcast emails and voice shots by phone as necessary to Westlake citizens - including residents, businesses, and WA parents.
  • Introduction of Westlake e-Tube, featuring web-based videos on a variety of town-related topics
  • Online availability of agendas and supporting documents for all council, commission, and board meetings
  • Publication and distribution of a quarterly, electronic newsletter (through 2011); Then moved quarterly distribution to a more frequent, current, and succinct community news format via email blasts to all residents with the Westlake Wire
  • Sponsorship of neighborhood town meetings in residents’ homes
  • Timely management of news, advertisements, and marketing efforts about Westlake, and Westlake Academy, with Town/Academy personnel, media representatives, Chambers of Commerce, and other economic development professionals
  • Management assistance with monthly residential publication/newsletter in magazine format, entitled Stroll Westlake, via a partnership with Connie Chase at N2Publishing