Police Vacation Watch

Vacation Watch Program

VACATION HOUSE WATCH SERVICE is provided free of charge for Westlake residents while they are away on vacation for at least three (3) days with a maximum travel time of 21 days.

Residents can request an officer check on their residence by filling out and submitting a Vacation Watch Form or by calling (817) 743- 4500, Monday through Friday, 8 am-5 pm. Once the form is completed, please return it via email to policerecords@cityofkeller.com or via fax to KPD at 817.743.4591.

When you return from your trip, call the police department at 817.743.4522 with your personal house check number to cancel the service.


As you plan for your trip away, police encourage our residents to review this checklist and follow the suggestions to help keep your home safe and secure during your time away.

Please note that a house check request should not be submitted if someone will be allowed to stay at the residence during your leave. This creates a safety issue for officers as well as for the person staying at the residence. If you plan to be away longer than 21 days, you may wish to speak with the sergeant on duty.