Highway 114 Frontage Road Project

Stay up to date with the latest regarding the Highway 114 frontage road project that runs through Westlake and Southlake.  Throughout the duration of this project, various road closures and detours will be implemented. Thank you in advance for your patience.

January 12, 2021 update

114 updates

This will be a three-year TxDOT project including the following improvements to the highway frontage roads and ramp facilities from Westlake Parkway to Dove Road in Southlake.

Frontage Road Improvements (Green):

  • Eastbound frontage road – FM 1938 (Davis Blvd) to Kirkwood/Solana Blvd
  • Eastbound frontage road – Kirkwood/Solana Blvd to Dove Road
  • Westbound frontage road – Dove Road to Kirkwood/Solana Blvd

These improvements include extensions to the eastbound lanes of the frontage road from FM 1938 (Davis Blvd) to Dove Rd and the westbound lanes from Dove Rd to Kirkwood/Solana Blvd.

Impact: The U-Turn on the eastside of the FM 1938 (Davis Blvd) will be closed starting January 8. 

Barriers will be installed within the shoulder section along the mainlines of eastbound SH114 west of the FM 1938 (Davis Blvd) overpass beginning January 8th 

Ramp Improvements (orange):

  • Eastbound entrance ramps – Three (3) total
  • Eastbound exit ramps – Two (2) total
  • Westbound entrance ramps – Two (2) total
  • Westbound exit ramps – Two (2) total

These improvements include the realignment of the current ramps between FM 1938 (Davis Blvd) and Kirkwood/Solana Blvd.

Impact: Various ramps throughout the project limits will be closed at different times throughout the project. The first closure will occur with the entrance ramp west of FM 1938 (Davis Blvd)on January 8th.   

U-Turn Improvements(Blue):

  • Eastbound to westbound at Kirkwood/Solana Blvd
  • Westbound to eastbound at Kirkwood/Solana Blvd
  • Eastbound to westbound at Dove Road

These improvements include adding U-Turn under SH 114 and Kirkwood/Solana Blvd and Dove Road.

Impact: Various lane closures near the improvements will be closed at different times. The first U-turn improvements are anticipated to begin in the Spring of 2021.