Court Staff Roles

Role of The Judge

The Judge's responsibilities are as follows:

  • Ensures that all persons before the court are treated fairly and equally
  • Ensures that the orders of the court are followed
  • Presides over all trials and hearings on other matters
  • Sets the terms and conditions of deferred dispositions and other sentences

Role of the Clerks

The Clerk's responsibilities are as follows:

  • Answer factual questions regarding the information they have.
  • Assist with matters related to explanation of your rights and responsibilities. 
  • Carry out the orders of the Judge and the procedures and policies mandated by the State or other authority.

The following are things the Clerk may not do: 

  • Give you legal advice or interpret the law for you. 
  • Tell you what they think the Judge or the Prosecutor will do in your case. 
  • Change the court's orders or make exceptions to the court's rules for any individual.

Role of the Prosecutor

The Prosecutor's responsibilities are as follows:

  • The Prosecutor is the attorney for the City and the State. 
  • The Prosecutor is not your attorney. - You have the right to speak to the Prosecutor. If you choose to speak to the Prosecutor, be aware that any statement you make may be used against you should you choose to proceed to trial. 

Role of the Bailiff/Town Marshal

The Bailiff/Town Marshal's responsibilities are as follows:

  • The Bailiff/Town Marshal's primary function is judicial security and to serve and protect everyone who comes to the Westlake Municipal Court.
  • The Bailiff/Town Marshal is also responsible for executing all lawful processes issued by the Municipal Court, which includes Summons, Subpoenas, and Traffic Warrants. The Marshal’s Office is staffed with a full-time state licensed peace officer, as defined by The State of Texas Code of Criminal Procedure, Chapter 2, Articles 2.12 and 2.13.
  • The Bailiff/Town Marshal's secondary focus is gaining compliance regarding outstanding warrants. If you have received a citation in the Town of Westlake from the Keller Police Department (Keller P.D. is the Town of Westlake’s contracted police agency) and a warrant has been issued for your arrest, please contact us to receive beneficial information and valuable options to prevent your arrest if possible. It is the desired outcome of the Town Marshal to see that citizens/violators get out of warrant status without having to use our powers of arrest.
  • The Town of Westlake Marshal’s Office is a State of Texas designated law enforcement agency, which operates independently from and is not affiliated with the Keller Police Department.