Vision, Values & Mission


Westlake is an oasis of natural beauty that maintains our open spaces in balance with distinctive development, trails, and quality of life amenities amidst an ever expanding urban landscape.


The community of Westlake holds the following values:

  • Preservation of our natural beauty
  • Strong aesthetic standards
  • Transparent/Integrity-driven government
  • Educational leaders
  • Family friendly and welcoming
  • Informed & engaged citizens/Sense of Community
  • Fiscal responsibility
  • Innovation
  • Planned/Responsible development

On behalf of the citizens, the mission of the Town of Westlake is to be a unique community blending preservation of our natural environment and viewscapes, while serving our residents and businesses with superior municipal and academic services that are accessible, efficient, cost-effective, and transparent.

WESTLAKE- a one-of-a-kind community; a natural oasis providing an exceptional level of service.