Annual Operating Budgets

The Finance Department oversees the preparation of the annual operating and capital budget and monitors its compliance throughout the year. It is important to note the budget documents below are the original budgets adopted by the Council each year. They have not been updated since that adoption and do not include any subsequent budget amendments adopted by the Town Council.

Each year in August and September, Westlake holds public hearings for the proposed budgets and we encourage our residents and stakeholders to attend these and the many budget workshops/meetings held throughout the Spring/Summer to more fully understand our community's budgets and financial planning for both the municipality and academy. 

The Public Hearing and Council Meeting was held on Monday, September 13, 2021, and our municipality's Fiscal Year 2021-22 Westlake Operating and Capital Budget was adopted during this meeting.  

Westlake Public Hearing Notice for FY22 Operating & Capital Budget

Annual Operating Budget 2015-2016

Annual Operating Budget 2016-2017

Annual Operating Budget 2017-2018

Annual Operating Budget 2018-2019

Annual Operating Budget 2019-2020

Annual Operating Budget 2020-2021

Annual Operating Budget 2021-2022

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