Property Tax

The 2019-20 fiscal year will be the 10th year the Town has assessed a property tax. The proposed 2019-20 ad valorem tax rate change, not to exceed $0.16018 per $100, for the Town would continue to be the lowest for municipalities in the immediate area and Westlake will remain in the bottom 5% of ALL municipalities in the State.

The FY 2019-20 proposed ad valorem tax rate change is essentially the same as the first property tax rate of $0.16010 set back in 2010. Westlake also approved all allowable exemptions at their maximum during this time.

PROPOSED TAX RATE - $0.16018 per $100

PRECEDING YEAR'S TAX RATE - $0.15600 per $100

EFFECTIVE TAX RATE - $0.14483 per $100

ROLLBACK TAX RATE - $0.16018 per $100

As a reminder, the effective tax rate is the total tax rate needed to raise the same amount of property tax revenue for the Town of Westlake from the same properties in both the 2018 tax year and the 2019 tax year.

The rollback tax rate is the highest tax rate that the Town of Westlake may adopt before voters are entitled to petition for an election to limit the rate that may be approved to the rollback rate.