Infrastructure Development

Digital Only (Paper Free)

Our department is a digital-only, paperless department. All construction plan applications must be submitted by email to Nick Ford upon completion of a pre-application meeting. 


After approval from the Planning and Zoning Commission and the Town Council, the Public Works Department of the Town of Westlake is responsible for the review and release of development projects. The Public Works Department reviews roadways, grading, drainage, water, sewer, and other utilities to ensure compliance with town ordinances, engineering standards, construction details, state and federal laws, and best engineering practices.  

Development Process

View the Construction Plan Development Process (PDF)

4. Submittal Processes-Public Improvement Process

Plan Submittal

Construction plans and specifications must be prepared under the direct supervision of a licensed Professional Engineer registered in the State of Texas, and must be sealed by the Engineer of Record. A completed Construction Plan Application and Construction Plan Checklist is required with the initial submittal of civil construction plans for review, and must be attached to the plan set. In addition, application fees are assessed at the time of submittal in accordance with Ordinance 864. Subsequent submittals may have additional plan review fees.

Application and revisions will only be accepted through a pre-scheduled appointment with a pertinent Town development review staff member. The purpose of the appointment requirement is to ensure all required items are included and/or addressed prior to acceptance by the Town.

The developer must submit a digital set(.pdf) of the construction plans to Town Staff via email after the pre-application appointment. 

Construction Plan Review

New public infrastructure improvements associated with residential, commercial, and industrial development are reviewed by the town’s Development Review team. Construction plans must be submitted at the Town Hall upon completion of a pre-application meeting. Plans are typically reviewed within 10-20 business days depending on the size and scope of the development. 

Pre-Construction Meeting

Prior to any construction taking place on the project site, a Pre-construction Conference must take place. Attendees should include the Developer, the Engineer of Record, the General Contractor, and all sub-contractors that will be constructing public infrastructure. All contractors must register with the Town of Westlake before construction is to commence.

Prior to scheduling a pre-construction meeting, the Public Works department must have the following:

  • A fully executed Developer’s Agreement    
  • A detailed breakdown of the construction costs (QTOs) for the public infrastructure
  • Construction Inspection Fees (6% of the cost of Public Infrastructure)
  • Parkland Dedication Finalized or Fees Paid
  • Construction contracts
  • Payment and Performance Bonds naming the Town of Westlake as the bondholder, and verification of the bonds from the bonding company
  • An insurance certificate in the amounts specified in the Developer’s Agreement, and naming the Town of Westlake as an additional insured
  • Schedule of construction in Gantt chart form
  • Three (3) copies of Construction Plans stamped "Released for Construction" by the town.

Final Acceptance

All of the following are required for final acceptance of the project:

  • A final inspection must be performed involving the Town Engineer, Public Works, and Planning & Development 
  • Successful completion of the acceptance requirements outlined in both the Pre-Construction Checklist and the Infrastructure Acceptance Checklist
  • Two (2) bond sets, one (1) hard copy, and one (1) electronic copy of the Record Drawings in .pdf, .dwg. and .shp formats shall be submitted to the Public Works Department    
  • The City must be reimbursed for all inspection overtime attributed to the project in accordance with Ordinance 864    


Applications / Forms


Bond Examples

Other Resources

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  1. Nick Ford

    Development / GIS Manager

  2. Ron Ruthven

    Director of Planning & Development