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    Public Comments is your opportunity to address your Town of Westlake Elected Officials directly about issues that are important to you and your community. Whether you comment via Public Comment session, or speak on a specific item for action, your voice is important and will be heard. Speaker request form(s) will be accepted by the Town Secretary from the time the agenda is posted until the start of the meeting. 

    *NOTE Individuals will not be recognized to speak during the meeting unless the Public Comments Form has been submitted for each item of interest.

    There is a 3-minute time limit for each citizen to speak with a reasonable limitation on speakers on one topic or item with a maximum of fifteen total minutes on the same topic item. Anyone wishing to speak shall be courteous and cordial. No disparaging remarks directed at any member of the Town Council/Board of Trustees or Town Administration will be allowed. 

    When called by the Mayor, please approach the podium and state your name and address prior to beginning your comment. If you have written notes you wish to present to Mayor and Council, or Board of Trustees, please furnish an extra copy to the Town Secretary for the official files. Audio/Visual presentations must be submitted in advance to the Town Secretary’s Office by noon prior to the Town Council meeting. Forms may be submitted in person or online. 

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